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Upcoming lunar eclipse 150 years later, the moon is going to be bloody, how long will it remain in bloody color?

Upcoming lunar eclipse
Scientists say the whole event will happen for 77 minutes. The moon gradually begins to change its position from the south shadow of the earth and swallows the Sun once and swallows it. And whenever it happens, then the sun will change the moon! Not only this, at the time of acceptance, the lower part of the moon will look more bright than the upper part. So if you want to take pictures of this rare moment, do not forget to focus on the bottom of the moon.
When will this happen again? 
This is the last acceptance of this year. The incident will again happen again on 31 December, 2028. That is exactly 10 years later today. And then it will happen again on January 31, 2037. Meaning again after about 9 years.

When was the last time the moon took such a kind of radiant color?The rare lunar eclipse that was known to find scientific documentation was the last time on 31 March 1866. So if friends do not want to miss such a rare moment, then mark the date on the calendar today. Because you can not be the witness of such incidents in your lifetime.

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