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Cinnamon will remove gastric problems and nausea.

When we feel confused or nauseous, we first think of lemon and water. But there is a better solution to this problem. Only a little cinnamon can solve this problem very easily.

Not only nausea, but eating cinnamon after eating stomach is very bad and very oiled, it is very easy to get results. You know how to eat this cinnamon-

First, keep the cinnamon in a glass of water in the night. The next day, drink that water. If you have a nausea often, keep it with cinnamon soaked water.

You can also cook tea with cinnamon in the house. Drink water with cinnamon while heating the water. It also reduces gastric problems or vomiting.

Cinnamon is commonly used to enhance taste of biryani and spicy food. But according to Ayurveda, the cinnamon works as a medicine, although spicy food is vomiting. This mixture keeps the stomach cold. Even if you have nausea while traveling in the car, keep it with water soaked with cinnamon.

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