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If there is a heart attack, there is not always chest pain.

heart attack
The most common symptom of a heart attack is the chest tightness, it is known to know. However, many new studies show that many people who have been hospitalized have been suspected of heart attack, they have not had chest infection, and they have been treated lightly for them. Failure for young and middle-aged women can be fatal.

A study report on 1.1 million people has been reviewed, 42 percent of women admitted for a heart attack, surprisingly did not have a history of pain in chest. In comparison, 30.7 percent of men did not have a history of pain in chest. After the heart attack, more likely the death of women.

Studies have shown that the mortality rate of women was 15 percent, males were relatively less, 10 percent. A major researcher of this research and Chest Pain Center director at Lecomand Regional Medical Center in Florida. John G. Canto said, "We think that partly because women who come with a heart attack representation may not have symptoms. It is therefore not considered to be a heart attack, perhaps some of these patients are late due to these symptoms that life-saving methods are delayed.

The results of the study have been published recently in the publication of the famous Journal of the American Medical Association.

Heart disease is one of the main reasons for the death of a man and a woman. Seven million people die every year in the world, not just in America. Until 1980, heart disease was considered to be a disease of men and many studies were focused on and focusing on the male, and from these there was a narrow picture of the symptoms of heart attack, pain, breathing, neck, jaw, back pain and pain . However, more studies have shown that although these symptoms are common to female patients, sometimes they are those symptoms which are not symptoms of a heart attack, such as sleep problems and severe fatigue from a few weeks or weeks before a heart attack, cold sweat, weakness and head jhajhaj The heart attack time.

This new study said. Canto and his colleagues reviewed men's and women's symptoms and mortality by reviewing the National Registered Documents of patients admitted to hospital for heart attack until 1994-2000. Though the most common symptoms of chest pain are between men and women, but 35 percent of the patients never had spinal cord. 55 Underwriters who had a heart attack, there was no discomfort in their chest, they were twice as likely to die in their hospital, twice as many as men of the same age group who had a typical heart attack. However, with the increase of age, this difference decreased and later got mixed.

Why men and women have different types of heart attack symptoms, they are not properly known. But it is Cantor's idea, many elements may have been involved. Even hormones Many women who take contraceptive pills, their blood vessels and blood vessels are much more adorned than men. Dr. Canto said that the process of blocking blood clotting of coronary arteries is different from the young men, especially among the young women among whom there is a heart attack. Due to the fact that fat losses and wounds have been lost due to fat burning in their bloodstream, more cases occur. Those who have a heart attack, but they do not have pressure pressure on their chest, they do not understand what happened.

Dr. Canto said that when they come for medical treatment, doctors can not immediately consider the possibility of a heart attack, especially in women. As a result, the use of bypass surgery, heart catheterization and other life-saving methods greatly reduced greatly. The reality is that many doctors do not think that younger people can be a heart attack, said one of the members of the American Heart Association and head of Cardiology Department of Monte Foob Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care in New York. Mario Garcia Again, many studies have also shown that even women who have had a heart attack with symptoms of heart attack are less likely to receive treatment than men, in the doctor or at the hospital.

Dr. Maria Garcia's statement: Men have such problems, but the doctor took quick advice. Women think more about their husbands than themselves. Worried about it. Women around the world think less about themselves, take care less.

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