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The fruits that cause loss of smoking can be reduced. The performance of the lungs will be higher.

The fruits that cause loss of smoking can be reduced
Smoking is a health hazard to everyone. After that, smoking without freelance health, without the need for health In general, the likelihood of respiratory diseases with lung cancer increases. According to the World Health Organization, consuming more than 57 thousand deaths in Bangladesh every year because of tobacco products. However, a recent study is a good news for smokers. According to the International newspaper 'The Tribune', there are two things that are stored in your kitchen, which can reduce the loss of smoking by playing regularly.

Researchers from the United States' Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said researchers found that people who eat more apples and tomatoes in addition to smoking, found that their lungs are less affected.

A survey was conducted on 650 adults, who had been smoking for more than 10 years. Studies show that the loss of their lungs in 10 years is not known. When they asked, they said they used to eat many varieties of tomatoes, apples and fruits. Researchers say this is the key to recovery.

According to researchers, if adult people consumed a pair of tomatoes and three apples a day on average, their lungs are less affected than others. If instead of fresh tomatoes and fruits, processed tomatoes and fruits are eaten, then there is no benefit.

Johns Hopkins's assistant professor Vanessa Garcia-Larsen said, "This study showed that if people who quit smoking, they would get good results, but if the age increases, the lung performance will not be reduced. In turn, the problem of lungs can be overcome. Those who have respiratory problems should definitely eat plenty of fruits and tomatoes.

Source: Internet.

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