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Very important, 9 signs of heart attack.

Very important, 9 signs of heart attack.
There are some pre-symptoms of a heart attack that you take seriously, if you take it seriously, you can survive from a heart attack. Come on, do not know the symptoms.
Tired of hurrying: Are you tired of being tired? If you work for a little while the book rattles? However, you should consult a heart doctor right away. This is especially the main symptom of women's heart problems.
Chest pain: The first and main symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain. Typically stressful pain is felt in the middle of the chest. Gradually, the pain spreads in the jaw or left shoulder and arms. If there is such pain, you should consult the doctor carefully.
Breathlessness and loss of breath: If you do not have asthma or other problems and suddenly suffer from breathing problems, due to various complications, including cold water due to cardiovascular disease, there is also the problem of breathing difficulties apart from cold. Shortness of breath, breathing from the mouth, signs of future heart attacks.
Sweating: The pre-symptom of an increased sweating heart attack. Especially in the case of diabetic patients, excessive sweating without chest pain, palpitations, and suddenly the body will start to feel bad, then the doctor must go to the doctor.
Cough: If you have cough problems for a long time, and with white or pink coughs coming out. But understand that your heart is not working properly. May be a future heart attack. But yes, cough can not always be a sign of a heart attack. It is possible to have symptoms of a heart attack when regular blood flow with cough.
Being unconscious: If you suddenly become unconscious in the workplace, then there is a problem with heart. If it is not caused by anxiety, consult a doctor without any risk.
Irregular pulse rate: If you are too nervous or can run from somewhere, your pulse rate can rise. But when it comes out without any reason it becomes a cause for concern. Regularly if this problem occurs, consult a doctor most often.
Headache: Whenever there is severe headache, we drink medicines. But you know, one of the symptoms of a heart attack is the acute headaches of the day.
Pain and swelling of various organs: The knee pain and swelling in your organs, especially hands-feet, is not directly related to a heart attack or heart problem. However, it can be a cause of heart attack for a long time. The body water comes in the body of the water coming in, due to which the hand-foot knuckle swells. Especially for a long time if there is water on the foot while sitting. Regularly, if this happens, you will definitely have to consult the doctor.
Eye symptoms can appear before the heart attack. If these symptoms are in your case. In particular diabetics or high blood pressure patients will not ignore any of the above reasons. Consult the doctor with any of the above reasons.
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