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Vedana helps in preventing cancer.

The king of fruit mango, but said the king of the fruit Bedaena. This delicious fruit is rich in food quality, nutritional quality. Looks like fresh peanuts, as well as sweet to eat. Learn about the health of pedon.

1. Increases immunity - Potassium and Vitamin C Dietary resistance will increase if you drink lean juice every day. Its antioxidant quality is about three times more than the green tea or red wine. There are three types of antioxidants. Tannin, antho-cyanin and alagic acid. Anthocionin can prevent virus infections as well as keeping the cells healthy. Reduce swelling, can cause corrosion.

2. Blood pressure- Because of the abundance of antioxidant, Vedana helps in controlling systolic blood pressure. As a result, stress, tension decreases. Reduce the chances of heart disease being affected due to heart problems.

3. Cholesterol-Arteri helps keep Vedana clean. Vitreous juice is so useful to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Its polyphenol antioxidant helps to keep cardiovascular health better. If blood cholesterol levels are high then Rose Khan Baidan juice.

4. Pain and muscular arthritis, osteoarthritis, reduce pain in muscular pain, helps Patience is helpful in preventing the loss of the kidneys.

5. Cancer helps in the growth of cancer cells in the body of pain. As a result, cancer itself dies. Appetocytes say this process With the help of cancer, Vedana helps control cancer. Prostate cancer, Benton cancer, Betan's anticancer agent.

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