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Bangladesh- The day of January.

Find out the days of January-
1. Return to the Home of Bangabandhu: 10 January

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned to his country on the same day in 1972, after his long ten months of liberation in the liberation war of Bangladesh, this day is celebrated on the occasion of his release.
2. National Teacher's Day: January 19th
3. Shaheed Asad Day: January 20th
On this day of 1969, a student leader named Amanullah Asaduzzaman was killed in police firing during a procession demanding the fall of the Ayub Shahi ruler of East Pakistan (present Bangladesh). He was one of the three martyrs of East Pakistan in the mass movement of Bengal in 1969, the other two were Shaheed Rostam and Shaheed Motiur.
4. Public uprising day: January 24th
On this day of 1969, the students of East Pakistan developed resistance against the Pakistani rulers, they carried out a procession as needed. Ninth grade student Matiur Rahman was killed in police firing on the procession killed in the shooting. This day is celebrated in memory of the mass upsurge.
5. Bangla on the computer day: 25 January
Expatriate engineer Saifuddah Shahid started the first Bangla Writer in the year 1985 on Apple's Macintosh computer. This day is celebrated in memory of that day
6. Salanga Day: 28 January

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