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10 essential health tips

10 essential health tips
There should always be a little more active in health consciousness. Health is not all the basic fact is false, so keep an eye on health. Follow the helpful rules to safeguard the health. Below are 10 tips to health:

1> Take a lot of fish if you have headache. Effective to prevent fish oil headaches. Ginger can eat It is particularly effective in inflammation and healing of pain.
2> If you have fever, you can eat yogurt. Honey can also eat.
3> Tea to prevent stroke. Various studies have found that in the regular tea the arteries can not get fat in the gut. As a result, there is a lot of risk.
4> Honey is effective in the problem of insomnia.
5> Take onion onion. It has a positive role in preventing contraction of the airway.
6> Can eat acetic acid, ginger, ginger. Ginger Morning Sickness and Nausea Removal.
7> If you feel cold, eat garlic.
8> Weak food for cure of breast cancer, cabbage is effective.
9> Cabbage is particularly useful for ulcer problems. Eating in it helps to gastric and deodenal ulcer healing.
10> Honeymoon of different types. Honey is particularly effective in many physical problems including numbness, throat, stress, bleeding, osteo-pores, migraine.

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