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New rules for earning from YouTube.

YouTube is getting tough to display ads on YouTube At the same time, the critics of the audience are being exposed to popular videos. The popular video sharing site has taken initiatives to reduce the concerns of advertisers about whether ads are displayed in irrelevant videos.

At the same time YouTube has new guidelines for displaying advertisements on videos. There are 1 thousand subscribers on the channel to display ads on the new rules. At the same time, the channel videos have to be seen for at least 4 thousand hours in the last 12 months.

YouTube has said, from now on Google will make every video of the visitors' favorite views intelligently. Then videos will be open for displaying ads.

Google's Vice President Paul Murray said in a blog post on Tuesday that the year 2017 was a very difficult time. In that year many events and issues have greatly affected our community and advertisers. We are committed to protect users, advertisers and advertisers from any type of problem. YouTube is not a place where bad people will do whatever they want.

He also said that YouTube has closed several thousand accounts so far. Over half a million videos have been deleted and more than 6 million 25 thousand videos have stopped commenting options.

Earlier in November, YouTube removed 29 million videos and over 50 thousand channels from advertising.

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