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Bangladesh's opponent India, Under-19 World Cup.

Under-19 World Cup.
Bangladesh defeated England in their last match, winning the first two matches of the Under-19 World Cup, Bangladesh confirmed the quarter-finals. Saif's forces will fight against the powerful India in the last four. The Bangladesh-India High Voltage Match will be held on Friday (January 26th). The game starts at Queenstown at 3:30 in the morning.

The English camp with Bangladesh in the 'C' group, with three points from the group, won 6 points, and the group is in the quarters of the group champions. Bangladesh win four points in two wins. Canada's achievement 2 Namibia did not win a single match Plate Quarter-final Challenge in front of both teams.

The top two teams from four groups will compete in the 16-party tournament in the main draw of the tournament, in the main draw Super League quarter-finals. The rest will go down to the plate league or plate episode.

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