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31 Date Blood Blue Super Moon.

Super Moon
After more than 150 years, on 31st 31 astrological lunar eclipse Strangely because, firstly, this full moon lunar eclipse gave space scientists to the blood-blue-super-moon. Because, this night, the moon will appear in a big, bright and dark orange or reddish color. The earth's soil reflects the moon on the moon and the moon will be reddish. Now the question may arise, even before that, full moon lunar eclipse has taken place. But why did not the moon look like this? Because of this, this year's full moon will be Super Moon, which means that the moon will be closer to the Earth's orbit this day, so the moon will look bigger and brighter. Because the Earth is closer, the Earth's soil will be reflected in the moon, which will change the color of the moon to reddish it. And Blue Moon means, if a year is 13 puranas instead of 12, or twice a month, then the second full moon is called Blue Moon. There is no relation to the blue color of the moon with it. Since the two full moon in January, the second full moon or Blue Mooney will be full moon lunar eclipse.

The full moon moonlight will take about 76 minutes. In India it can be seen in the eyes from 621 minutes to 7.37 minutes. Besides, full moon moonlight can be seen in eastern and central Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, and northwestern Canada. 

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