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It could be dangerous to break the tablets.

In many cases, doctors ordered the patients to eat half of a tablet, one-fourth of the treatment. The main reason is that these tablets are available only at certain levels (eg 25 milligrams or 500 milligrams) in the market.

dangerous to break the tablets.
Another reason for breaking the tablet is, more expensive than tablets comparatively cheap. That means, if the price of 10 stripes of one tablet of 50 milligrams is 100 rupees, then the price of 10 stripes of 100 milligrams of the same tablet is worth 150 rupees. In this situation, even if the doctor does not say, many patients or guardians of the patient themselves try to save more money by buying more quantity of medicines and sharing it. It is not at fault, but rather logical and calculating.

But eating tablets or eating more can be risky for health. For the prevention of illness, you are advised to consult a physician or share a tablet specific to save money, the dosage warns that additional risks may arise for you. Pharmaceutical Scientists at the University of Belgian University, Professor Charlie Verru and his fellow researchers

Especially in those cases, the use of these pills can cause severe fatalities, in which the poison is used as antidote. Virtually there is a very fine range between the tablets poison and medicinal properties. Daily Express newspaper London reported citing the research report published in the Advanced Nursing Journal.

The result of the breakdown of a tablet is that its pieces are not usually divided into equal parts or do not divide into your desired size. Studies have shown that 31 percent of the tablets shared in tablets divided by conventional tablets with manual handheld devices (including scissors, snacks, cutlery, cuttings, etc.) do not fit into the correct size. It has been found that weighment of broken tablet pieces is less than 15% less than or equal to 25%.

And in the case of breaking the tablet directly with the fingers of both fingers and the fingers of Targni, it is more likely to be more than the two-dimensional level.

The tablet breakdown has been conducted in the case of diseases of which one of them is: Parkinson's, blood-stained heart failure, blood clotting or blood clotting and cardiovascular gout and gout.

There was also the issue of breaking the tablets of patients in Nursing Home-Clinic-Hospitals as a research-related expert. These places have been found to be shared with feeding tablets, and there is a casual occasion.

In the study, experts advised drug companies to release each tablet in multiple markets to save the patients from danger. By doing this, there will be no problem with prescription and feeding of the patients and their choice of patients and doctors.

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