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How to prevent heart attack?

How to prevent heart attack?
Balanced and healthy foods, Regular exercise, Can you stop the heart attack if you want to quit smoking? Researchers say that people are sleeping at the present time. Work pressure, television, computers and cell phones reduce the average sleep time of three hours a day. It has adverse effects on body metabolism. As a result, a risk of heart attack (less than 6 hours). Increases the risk of extra sleep (over 9 hours).
Researchers say, sleep patterns, blood clotting elasticity, blood clotting trends and heartburn, brain activity, and many physiological changes occur. If you are awake during sleep, there is rhythm. The work of the clods is hampered. It has adverse effects on blood circulation system. After the sunset, people fall asleep after sunset, the practice of sleeping. This is the normal physical process. For this reason, the American Heart Association recently said about 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night with the emphasis on changes in diet and regular exercise to get a healthy heart.
Try to get out of the night, wake up to sleep habits, sleep time, use different types of electronic devices and devices. Do not bring office work at home, do not do office work at night or computer. Not only in the bedroom. The bedroom will be used only for sleeping. Do not do things that stimulate the brain (like watching TV, using Facebook, etc.) before sleeping.
If sleep disrupted repeatedly, check whether there are slip apnea, respiratory problems, heart irregularities etc. Sleeping cycles will go to sleep at the same time every day, at the same time. Do not drink tea, coffee, alcohol after the evening. End at least two hours before sleeping. A little exercise in the afternoon brings calmness to sleep. Learn to believe that sleeping and physical labor are an important element to stay healthy.

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