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Sri Lanka win against Zimbabwe

The win against Sri Lanka in the first match gives Zimbabwe a lot of opportunity to get into the tri-series final. If there was another win against Sri Lanka today, it would have been sure. But at the right time Sri Lanka has turned around. Now, open a path to Zimbabwe, losing Bangladesh. Team captain Graeme Cremer also dreamed.

Sri Lanka win
 Zimbabwe have lost only 198 runs against Sri Lanka, Afridi added to his advantage, when he took 5 wickets in the 145 runs of Sri Lanka Ultimately, little capital was not won.
 After the match press conference, Kemar was furious, and if the 30 runs, the result would have been different. Zimbabwean captain said, 'I think we've reduced 30 runs. It would have been 230. We had a good chance. We were just one or two wickets behind their tail batsmen. Good fight However, it's hard to fight with the 190-run. "

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