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Neem to use for health care.

Neem tree
There is no comparison of the medicinal properties of nimagasa. You can use different parts of the Nem tree for everyday health. Let's learn how you can use the nimagake in the body care.

Cure of ulcer
Ulcerative pigmentation of nit leaf and nymph seed is good.

Jandis disease remedies
The juice of 25-30 drops of nipple juice mixed with a little honey and eating it in empty stomach in the morning is released from jaundice disease.

Healing of diabetic diseases
Diabetic is good for 1 table spoon of nipple juice every day and it takes 3 months to empty stomach. It is known that taking the insulin tendency of neem leaf juice reduces 30-70%.

To remove eye pain

If the eye irritation, take nipple water in the water for 10 minutes and make it cool by giving it a glimpse of the water.

To clean the headpieces
Headache is a common disease. So if neem oil regularly decreases the head grip.

To prevent cancer
The role of submersion in cancer treatment is unimaginable. Especially in the use of niacal oil, bark and leaf juice, cancerous tumors, skin cancer, etc. are also relieved.

Heart Disease Remedy
Benefits of heart disease are found in nip leaf juice. Neem leaf juice helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Blood is slim, it also plays a role in reducing heartbeat.

To heal the worms
With a slight amount of sindhava salt in 3-4 grams of powdered nem, it can be prevented by worms worn by eating one week in an empty stomach. Regularly enjoy a week.

Blood cleanses and skin diseases
Nipple juice helps to clear blood and reduce blood sugar levels. It also increases blood flow to keep the heart speed normal. Nimapata by controlling high blood pressure.

Dental care

Tooth whitening is good with tiny nem branches. Nem powder has tooth teeth and gums with strong teeth.

Source: internet. 

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