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Beef's problem

Beef's problem
Cow meat in the food list is the first to eat food. The fatty acids, vitamins and minerals needed for human body are present in it. While vitamin B-TOEV, high protein, zinc and iron are rich, medical scientists and diathesis advised to stay away from beef.

Here's the research tips from Indian-origin researcher at the University of California-

1. Because of high levels of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in beef, it increases the chances of heart disease.

2. Increasing the chances of colorectal cancer increases the meat. Cow meat (NU-5 GC) increases the chances of cancer.

3. Carnitine in beef tightens blood clots. Which inhibits blood circulation and increases the symptoms in the body.

4. High blood pressure, obesity, or chronic pain can be due to the toxin in the flesh. Besides, it is not unusual for oil to cook beef, but it is not unusual to see body weight increase.

5. Many cows are given hormone injections or antibiotics for milk. As a result, it comes to human body through flesh and creates problems like hormonal abnormalities. Apart from eating infected beef, it is possible to get infected with different cells of the head and become a dead person.

6. Eating beef for a long time, it increases the number of iron cells in Alzheimer's trends by increasing the amount of iron in different cells of the head. Besides, pregnant women, who already have a cardiovascular problem, they should not eat beef at all.

source: internet

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