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The way to make big health up to, 100% without side effects.

health tips
I am 18 years old I want to be fat. I can not be anything. How to be fat? Is there any medicine other than side effects to be thick?

Some Tips Easier
1) sleep for 8 hours. (Very useful, but like time, do not sleep in the morning)
2) Sukla Walking. Run Eat calories. Do something tired. You can go to the gym which will work for two months. (Stimulates hunger, keeps body fresh)
3) Do not eat street food. Do not eat flour, bread, oil fried, fast food. Do not eat tea, hot food, cold food.
4) Eat 5/6 times a day.
Eat more than rice, red bread, potatoes, nuts, milk and sugar / sweet rice.
Always remember to eat with multiple people. It brings competition between meals.
5) You can eat plenty of yogurt.
6) Walk in the afternoon. Tired of the body.
7) Eat less water during meal. Drink water after 30 minutes after meals. Finish the diner 1 hour before sleeping at night.
8) Work pressure is reduced. Relax stay Bury the thought. Fever and thought are the weight of the weight.
9) Read the prayers. There will be peace of mind.
10) Get married. 100% sure if the wife is good.

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