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December 16th Victory Day Bangladesh

Victory Day Bangladesh
Victory Day is celebrated in Bangladesh throughout the country as a special day in Bangladesh. Every year on 16th December, the day is celebrated specially in Bangladesh. We celebrate this day in all school institutions. This day is our national day. This day was celebrated as National Day in Bangladesh on January 22, 1972 and officially declared holiday on this day. After 9 months war, on December 16, 1971, about 91,634 members of the Pakistani occupation forces in Suhrawardy Udyan, officially surrendered to the Joint Forces formed in India and Bangladesh. This resulted in the emergence of a new independent and sovereign state of Bangladesh on the earth. On this occasion Bangladesh Day is celebrated with proper emotions and huge enthusiasm every year. On December 16th, the day started 31 times with the tearing. Members of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force joined the Combined Military Parade in National Parade Square. The country's chief honorable President or Prime Minister accepted salam as part of the parade. A large number of people gathered to see this parade. As part of paying tribute to the martyrs of Bangladesh's liberation war, people of all walks of life including President, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader-activists, various social and cultural organizations, at the National Memorial, Savar, near Savar, are presenting wreaths.
Our country is free today by the wisdom of millions of martyrs. Thousands of Salam Lakho Shaheed and Gazi.

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