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New UN sanctions on North Korea

New UN sanctions on North Korea

December 23, 2017, Saturday, 07:51

A proposal to impose a more stringent economic sanctions against the North Korean nation has been unanimously passed by the United Nations Security Council.
China and Russia agree to stop the country's nuclear weapons program and missile test.
This was the United Nations Security Council's 10th sanctions against North Korea. But after all this, the question was asked whether Pyong Young could be prevented from testing his nuclear weapons.
Even then, the resolution of a more stringent ban than the past was unanimously passed. The United States draft resolution responds to North Korea's allies as well as China and Russia.
The proposal is to bring North Korea's latest ballistic missile test. This time the country has been hit on the life line.
About 90 percent of the country's petroleum imports have been announced in Friday's meeting. Under the ban, there were 4.5 million barrels of refined petroleum, which rose to 5 million barrels in 2016. And the amount of crude oil is 4 million barrels a year.
United Nations Representative of the United Nations, Nicky Hale said that unanimously this decision gives Pyongyang the message so that if the violation of the boundary again, they will face more severe punishment.
This year the ban has been asked to send North Korean citizens working in different countries in the next 24 months. Expatriate income is one of the components of the country's economy. In addition to exporting parts and electronics goods, the ban has been banned. The list also includes the country's readymade garments.

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