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Santa Claus city. How is the city Santa Claus?

Santa Claus city
Red Toutsutsee with his cheeks and whispering white long beard Wearing a red suit from the legs to the head. Black colored belts across huge bullets. In the Western world, when Santa is in the Western world, this portraits of Santa Claus can be seen almost everywhere.

How is he city:
Christmas in Santa Claus city all year Where the city's border begins, there is a huge sculpture of Santa Claus. Similar sculptures are in front of important installations of the city.The main street name of this place is Christmas Bulvord. There are many more things in the city with the names of characters that are related to Christmas. Such as Rudolf Lane, Christmas Lake.
Pat Cook, founder of the city's Santa Claus Museum, says there are thousands of letters every year in the city named Santa Claus. The answer to the sender is also reached.

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