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In the winter, many interesting stories of village-bangla and city.

Winter form

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of our country. In the morning of the morning, village-Bangla climate is one of the most attractive forms. We shared some things with you to share the winter solstice.

Winter is very dear to many, and many people have a lot of trouble. The winter season in Bangladesh is just like a month and a half month. The fear that comes first in winter is the bathing. Be there And in the morning, the sunshine and sunshine and sunshine are different from the sunshine. The blanket does not want to go outside. But there is good with bad. Many people also get ice cream in the cold. During the winter, the fun of ice cream is also very different.

Different types of cakes are made during the winter. We go to different places. We enjoy many things, including winter fruits, winter vegetables, winter clothes, and the arrival of the birds in the winter. All of them are happy to eat delicious cakes, palm pots, pond fishes and fogs to roam in the green wilderness and make fun of the season. In the winter, all the elderly families share many interesting moments of childhood with grandchildren and grandchildren.
Gram-Bangla weather in winter:
The fog is full of fog around and the fog in the green cover of Bangladesh is amazing. All the villages are submerged in dense fog. There is no way to see anything anywhere. The villages, water bodies, bamboo clusters are not seen in all the villages, but only fog and fog are seen in many areas. The sound of fog drop from the leaves of the trees increases the joy of the mind. The fog is stored in the paddy straw in the field.

 The sweet rosarium kept on the date palm of the date tree makes winter morning attractive. I think it is the art of artists drawn to draw the picture. Then there is a delicious rice pita with the new rice rice made from the house of village village. In the frozen touch, the village of Bengal shook.

Winter morning weather in the city:

In the winter due to the fog around the city, the people of the city are not seen to be out of the house. Very few people are seen in road knots. Someone comes to someone who comes in need of urgency and someone comes for a reason. In the city of the village like Bengal, the morning is not as pleasant as it is.


Finally, the winter comes to change our nature. The restoration of the new genre is winter. Winter brings fresh leaves to new pages, spring brings spring. Then it goes back to the winter.

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