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Welcome to computer technology.

The world we are seeing today is the modern  world, created  by numerous   technologies,   the  world. Which   was    previously unconstitutional world The arrival of the modern world was not long. But the results of the success of numerous scientists are the current technology.

Shortcut about the computer:
computer technology
Existence  without   current   world computer Thinking of the   modern world without computer technology is  equally foolish. The role  of computer technology  is   to  create any country  as  a  modern  country. Without     the    computer    it    is impossible. Initially, the calculation was  done  only  with  the  computer,  now  it  can  be  done in the hundreds of works. For example, computer is used for accounting, music, Medical,  for  research   purposes, for  speed guidance, as a means of communication etc.
The world's first computer name is Aineak. In the beginning of the 19th century, Charles Badge, in the early 19th century, propounded the  idea  of ​​creating  and   using  a  modern   device.  Which    can calculate   mathematically  only,  mechanically,  without     any intelligence.  The   name   of  the difference  engine. In 1833, while working    with   this   difference   engineer, he   gained   ideas   in   an   advanced   and universal  device called analytical engine. But he could not finish any work  due  to lack  of necessary equipment and   money. But on this path, scientists  created  a lot of  tastes through  different  types of  computers. Various types of personal computer are available in different sizes and sizes of the market. Which is called short PC.
There are many history behind computer creation That can not be finished. Thanks very much to the people who have contributed to the creation of computer. Welcome to computer technology.

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