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New surprises in science.The black hole hole in the universe.

The biggest and the most distant is seen in the last week as many black holes or black hole scientists have been caught in the eye of the eyes.
It is said that this black hole is about 1,350 billion light years away from our planet.
Scientists say this black hole is more than 80 million times greater than our sun.
They think that this black hole became so big that soon after the universe was created. And when it was created, the universe created after the Big Bang was only 69 billion years old.
The news of this black hole philosophy has been published in science journal Nature. Scientists say that everything around it is swallowing it all. As a result, it has become so large that the mass of the mass has to be collected.
It is said that the details of this black hole can be found in the idea of ​​how the universe was created, then it has elaborated or narrowed down to some unknown questions.

A black hole in the eye of the artist
Prior to that, scientists knew about the black hole in the far distance that was created when the universe was 80 million years old.

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