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Do we remember the poor people lying on footpath?


As the winter intensity increases, the woes of the cold people are also increasing. At the beginning of the season, there is no bitter cold winter, but sometimes the intensity of the winter occurs. The helpless people of the cave footpath in the cold. According to the weather office, the intensity of winter will increase day by day. The woes of the helpless helpless people are also increasing.
Especially in the severe winter, the people spent the night on the pavement, were suffering severely. Orphan Pathshu beggars and helpless elderly people in the winter, suffering from cold clothes, lying in the towel, orphaned children, women and working people helpless people. Everyone has the prospect of getting a little warm clothes in winter.
So, not only in the rural areas, but also in the rural areas, the distribution of winter clothes program. The number of real helpless people is more in rural areas. For this entrepreneurs will have to choose remote areas. All of us have to come forward with a sky love for the people.

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