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Barcelona-Real Madrid loses the winning streak in Barcelona.Welcome to Barcelona.

Barcelona-Real Madrid loses the winning streak in Barcelona The victory of the game was assured by 3-0 goals. The Barcelona team won easily. Lionel Messi, the world's biggest star, has made valuable contributions in this win. He has made a great reputation.

Messi makes record for goal goals against Real Madrid in La Liga Just in La Liga, Argentine star scored 17 goals against Real, and all the tournaments scored 25 goals.

Messi scored the second goal for the team in the penultimate day. Earlier, Lewis Suarez made the first goal. And the third goal comes from Alex Vaddle's legs.

This year's La Liga was the first to see Real-Barca. In this win, the Barcelona team has moved to a better position. They now hold 45 points in 17 matches, while they are at the top of the points table. Real at this rate lagged behind. They played one match less than the fourth with 31 points.

Not only is the situation in point table but Barcelona have not seen the defeat so far. The Catalan club blasted Deportivo La Coruna 4-0 in the previous match. It keeps the continuation against Real.

Real Madrid cristiano Ronaldo failed on the success day of Messi. He has got a lot of opportunities, but he could not use any one. So his team also lost.

Welcome to all the Barcelona players and all the members.

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