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Baul Shah Abdul Karim's short biography

                               Baul Shah Abdul Karim's short biography
Shah Abdul Karim

Shah Abdul Karim (English: Shah Abdul Karim, 15 February 1916 [1] - 12 September 2009) is a legendary singer of Bengali Boulogan. Shah Abdul Karim's song grew up on the banks of the Kanni river in Sunamganj, but it was popularized in the Bhati region, but people of the city got popularity a few years before his death. He wrote about five hundred songs till his death.

Born on February 15, 1916 in Dhalashram village of Dinai thana of Sunamganj. His father's name was Ibrahim Ali and his mother's name is Niyorjan. [3] Baul Shah Abdul Karim's musical pursuit of growing up between poverty and life struggles started from his early childhood. Boulsart's motivation is his wife; Whom he adorned as 'Sarla'. Since 1957, Shah Abdul Karim started living permanently in the village of Upanjali of his birth village.

In the Bhati region people love the love of life, as well as singing songs against all
 wrongdoing, injustice, superstitions and communalism. He received inspiration from
 his lyrics from the philosophy of the famous Baulsmut Fakir Lalon Shah, Pannu Shah 
and Dudu Shah. Although poverty forced him to spend his labor in farming but nothing 
could prevent him from making music. He gained inspiration from Boulogan
By the saint Rashid Uddin, Shah Ibrahim Mastan Baksh. He also practiced Shariaty, 
Marfati, Dahibhitva, Ganan Sangit and other schools of Baul songs and other songs.
Baul Emperor Shah Abdul Karim died on 12th September 2009. On Saturday, at 7:00 am, he left the last breath in a clinic in Sylhet. Abdul Karim, who was under treatment at Nurjahan Poly Clinic in Sylhet, had been kept alive on life support from Friday noon on September 11.

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