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Tips for Hair: Sugar for Healthy Hair.

Tips for Hair
Extra carbohydrate body acne accelerator. But these  carbons are very  beneficial  for hair.  Especially  sugar is brighter and  fresh. Experts  claim that  the skin of the skin is clean, fresh, shiny and healthy. To use sugar in the hair, take the amount of shampoo and mix it with sugar for a while. After that  the shampoo hair should
 be kept in a couple of minutes. After washing hair, hair and head skin will be clean and healthy. However, there is  no      need   to   swallow    sugar  while   using   shampoo.
Once every four times, mixing this sugar with moisturizing shampoo and washing hair will continue. If you  use  it several times, the headache will also be removed. However, many   experts say   that  instead of sugar, shampoo mixed with apple sider vinegar provides similar benefits. 

Source: Internet.

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