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Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Hot News

Salman Khan acted in the movie Tubblight released in June. But it was not able to respond too much to the audience.
Tiger Zinda Hai
So fans of the actor Tiger Zinda Hai have a little more than expected. After a lot of hard work, the movie, starring Salman and Katrina Kaif, was released on 22 December on Christmas Eve. The movie, which has been released in 1100 theaters out of India's 4600 theaters and outside India, has a budget of 150 crore rupees. On the very first day of the release of this movie, almost 90 percent of all theaters were in the theaters. And on the first day of release, Tiger Zinda Hai has earned only about Rs 36 crores at the Indian box office. In addition, India has earned around 9 crore rupees. According to a report published by Indian media, a press release said.
Tiger Zinda Hai is going to create a new history. Bahubali and Bahubali-2 are going to break the rewards of these two films.
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