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Some important information about mango. Mangor how much nutrition is and acts as a medicine for some diseases.

Mango  is a symbol of the National Tree of Bangladesh. I am called 'king of fruit' Mango cultivation is more in Chapainawabganj of Bangladesh. Chapainababganj district in Bangladesh is famous for the mango. "Kansat Mango Market" is known as Bangladesh's largest mango market in the continent of Asia. Much of this place is very tasty and demanded mango is available in some places, including Maqimpur, Chakkirti, Lashipur, Jalibagan, Khanabagan. Mango cultivation is abundant in Maldah, Murshidabad in India.
  The Indian subcontinent is a kind of delicious fruit Raw color is green in color and raw yellow color. Mango is known as National Fruit of India. The scientific name Mangifera indica is the species of mango that is cultivated in Bangladesh and India. It belongs to Anacardiaceae family.
But there are about 35 species of mango in the world. There are various varieties of mango, such as Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Khirsa, Aruna, Amrapali, Mallika, Kalivog, Kachamitha, Baramasi, Totapuri, Gopal Khas, Kent, Surya Puri, Triphala, Haribhanga, Chattapara, Adaira, Kalavati etc.

I also work as a medicine for some diseases:

In the treatment of Ayurveda and Unani system, ripe fruits are used in laxative, irritable and tonic or bolster. Tomato mango and even raw mangoes to prevent night blindness and blindness. Knee leaf juice is beneficial to dental pain. Mango Dried Mukul relaxes thin lavatories, old liver and urine pains. Amara leaf crust is used for fever, chest pain, and diabetes.

Some Nutmeg Mango:
Mango contains plenty of nutrients Mango is unique in taste, nutrition and ginger. So I am called the king of fruit. There are plenty of vitamins A or carotenes, vitamin C, minerals and calories. Amatrine in the direction of Vitamin A is almost all the fruits of the Earth.

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