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Who is the founder of the Nobel Prize? Nobel prize is given to any person? Nobel Prize is given for any topic?

According to the Swedish chemist and industrialist Alfred Nobel, the award was given. Ninel donated 94 percent (31 million Swedish krona) of his total property to five prizes.
In 1901, the Nobel Prize (Sueidi: Nobelpriset Nobel Prize) was introduced. The award is being given to individuals and organizations from around the world for successful and unique research and innovation and humanitarian activities. A total of six topics are awarded. The topics are: Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science, Economics, Literature and Peace. The Nobel Prize is considered to be the world's most respected medal in all these cases. The Nobel Prize recipients are called the Nobel Laureate in English.
The Nobel Prize was instituted by the supremacy of a will by the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1895. Prior to the death of Nobel, this award was announced by the will. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded only in Oslo, from Norway. In the rest of the year, this award ceremony was held in Stockholm, Sweden.
Prizes are being awarded in other subjects except for economics since 1901, but the rewards in economics began in 1969. Alfred Nobel did not mention the economy in his will. The prizes were discontinued for the second world war from 1940 to 1942. Every year awards are awarded to each of the awardees by a gold medal, a charter and a Nobel Foundation. In 2012, the amount of money was 80 million Swedish Croona. The Nobel Prize is not given to anyone dead. Larry must certainly be alive at the time of awarding. But there are some exceptions. Mornata Award is given for a lot of contribution.
Source: Wikipedia

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