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To live healthy body, eat panta rice.

panta rice
At present, the introduction of hot rice or breakfast in the morning at all the house. But in the past, panta rice in the morning, especially in low income families. A little salt, dried pepper burn or chili and onion with rice. Lemon or lemon leaf juice. If there is a little conduct. Pantara is still in the countryside. However, there is no current circulation in the urban areas. But this panta rice, rich in nutritional value. Doctors say that all the energy of life or in the tragedy. They claim that without eating the paan rice without any body exercises can be strong body and bright skin, anyone who can be hair.

Recently, a researcher from India's Assam Agricultural University examined that if we put 12 grams of ginger in it, then 100 grams of Panta Bhata and 73.91 milligrams of iron will be made. There is only about 3.4 mg of iron in the same amount of heat. Apart from this, 100 grams of pentas were increased by 839 milligrams of potassium and the amount of calcium increased to 850 milligrams. Where there is a caloric intake of calories in a similar amount, only 21 milligrams In addition, the amount of sodium in panta vada decreases to 303 milligrams. There is 475 milligrams of sodium in the same amount of hot water.

The research of America Nutrition Association says that if the rice is soaked in water, the effectiveness of some enzymes, including stomach pancreatic amylase, is multiplied. As a result, complex carbohydrates of Panta rice are easily digested.

Panta rice is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin-12. Besides, many beneficial bacteria of the body are made of pentas.

Advantages: 1. Problems with stomach problems 2. The constipation is removed. 3. The body is fresh. 4. Besides, the balance of heat remains in the body. 5. Blood pressure is normal. 6. Heart is healthy.

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