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New WhatsApp for businessmen.

Whatsapp With New Apps For Small Businesses. This new app called 'WhatsAppSpace Business' has been added to business features. On Thursday, the new WhatsApp apps were unveiled. The information is available in the WhatsApp Blog formulas.
Quoting the Morning Consult Study blog post, the WhatsApp Authority said that 80 percent of the world's small business enterprises from India to Brazil used WhatsApp to communicate with customers.
The company says, 'Now downloading' WhatsAppSpace 'apps in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States is being downloaded. Apps will be exposed in other countries in the next weeks. The WhatsApp business will help customers connect with business in a fast and easy way.
However, in the initial stage only the Android-powered mobile phone is going to be dropped.

The new apps for WhatsApp apps will include business details, e-mails, store addresses and websites. This will create a unique online identity of your business organization. The messaging tool has been specially enhanced in the business app. As a result, greetings or replies can be sent very quickly. Those who have already opened WhatsApp on their mobile phones, they can run two apps in the same number. Apps with new features can also be used through desktop or web. Business numbers here are listed separately here. Customers can find business entities very easily. Because they will be registered as a business account. The first phase was unveiled in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States. Soon, the app will be launched in other countries in the world. Google Play Store can be found in the 'WhatsApp Business' app.

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