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Bahubali is getting married this year.

Bollywood actress Prabhas's wedding rumors continues after the release of 'Boxing' Bahubali: The Convention '(017). In this regard, the actor said in an interview that he rejected the proposal of marrying 6000. But the list of this rejection of Prabhas is not being increased further, Prabhas's uncle said.

In an interview with an influential Telugu actor, Krishnam Raju, on his birthday, an interview with All India Media, he said that Prabhas wants to sit in a marriage this year.

However, if the question about the actor's fiancé is raised, skip to the context of Krishnamurthy. After the release of 'Bahubali: The Bigning' (2015), co-actress Anushka Shethi has rumored to be close to Prabhas. The duo's friendship started with the first movie 'Bilha' (2009). But after the release of the 'Bahubali' sequel, their friendship was known to be in love.

Ankushka's next film 'Bhajmathi' trailer has been released recently Predicting the actress in social media, Prabhas also called her a 'sweety'.

But the screen of love is going to be realistic? In real life like 'Rel Life' Bahbubali necklace necklace? That answer will give time.

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