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Our batting was not very good: Thesara.

170 in 20 overs, 170 in 40 overs, 243 runs in 24 overs, the innings of Bangladesh was going smoothly so that one time 340-350 was considered to be very similar to an equation. The equation did not match the batsmen. 77 came in the last 10 overs. At the end of 50 overs, the 3220 has been deposited on the scoreboard.

Only Akilas Dhananjay's economy rate among Sri Lankan bowlers is below six. As the bowlers were generous towards the run, the Sri Lankan batsmen also offered a regular break during the run chase. As a result, the Lankaans jumped for 157 runs. The match lost 163 runs in a huge gap

Although the batsmen have played poorly as well as batsmen, Thesara Perera, who came to talk to the team this time, has been raising the responsibility of the batsmen at such a rate. According to him, it was impossible to chase 320 runs at such a wicket, at all, this wicket was 300 runs. When Shakib and Tamim were batting, it was also possible to get 350 runs in Bangladesh. But we put them on 320 runs. But in batting, we could not use our plans. Our batting was not good at all. '

Regular captain Angelo Matthews has been out of the team due to injury. Perera believes that the absence of the experienced cricketer has influenced the team's performance, "Mathews is one of the most confident of our batting order. Losing him is definitely a big push. You must definitely feel the lack of a cricketer like him. '

In addition to batting-bowling, fielding was not very good at this day. They have missed a lot of easy catch. The mistake has to be paid well. There have been many discussions and criticism of cricketers in London for several months. Perera had a question about whether the fitness of the cricketers was a big role for the fielding of Miss Fields. The all-rounder, however, refused to accept it, "I do not think, because of lack of fitness, the catch was lost. It is actually in cricket, that anybody can be with anyone any day. I do not think there is a fitness relationship with these mistakes.

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