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Kidney stones, How to avoid ?.

1.Drink water:
The work of kidneys is toxin-free from the body's waste collection body. And this work helps the kidneys with water. If you do not drink water moderately then the kidney can not properly remove the body's waste which is stored in the kidneys as a stone. So drink moderately water.

2.Eat vitamin C fruits:
Lemon, orange, malta etc. Citrus increases the risk of kidney stones due to lower consumption of fruits. Because of this type of fruit is a catheter that helps prevent kidney stones. So keep these kinds of fruits in everyday food list.

3.Eat calcium rich foods:
If there is a lack of calcium in the body, it increases the risk of kidney stones deposits. Due to not having moderate calcium in food and lack of calcium, the possibility of deposits of kidney stones increases by about 20 percent. Raw milk, broccoli, almond, and paneer contain plenty of calcium.

3.Do not eat raw salt:
Many eat salt in food which is very harmful for health. Because salt sodium can not easily remove the kidneys and it gets stored in kidneys. Extra sodium rich foods also increase the chance of depositing kidney stones.

4.Medication side effects:

Those who suffer from migraine problems, they get rid of extra headache. But the biggest side effect of this medication is the possibility of kidney stones being deposited. Because these medicines increase the pH of urinary tract which helps in the accumulation of kidney stones.

5.Avoid soft drinks:

Due to the excessive amount of soft drinking water, it is possible to accumulate stones in the kidneys. This kind of soft drink contains plenty of phosphorus and sugar, which makes urine acidic. This will make your kidney stones. So, avoid soft drinks.

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